A passionate, dedicated team

Rout Lëns is being built thanks to a talented, passionate and multidisciplinary team. 

Together we are making a difference!

Our ambition is to pool all of our different skills to create an iconic new neighbourhood that really makes sense.

Sandra Huber
Head of Urban Development and Concept

In charge of the general management of the Rout Lëns project

Aline Picard
Senior Project Manager

In charge of the environmental side of the project (remediation, environmental offsetting, carbon neutrality etc.) and the infrastructure (networks and public spaces), they also manage the heritage buildings and in particular the Magasin TT building.

Cécile Leyval
Commercial & Client Experience Director (Residential)

Supports the team when it comes to the residential side of the project (concepts and design, product positioning, concierge service/neighbourhood management, customer experience, smart solutions etc.)

Delphine Desgurse
Innovation Director

Supports the team with all issues relating to innovation (labelling, energy management of the neighbourhood, CIM-BIM, etc.)

Yves Schweitzer
Sales Manager Residential Sales and Client Experiences
Rebecca Abdo
Project Manager

In charge of issues related to consulting local residents, temporary use of spaces and reflections on third places

Violaine Bands
Project Support Officer Office and Commercial
Nathalie Tips
Digital Marketing Manager

In charge of marketing, communication and events relating to the project

Stéphane Valet
Project Management Director
Julien Maurer
Development Director

Coordinates the different internal and external stakeholders to develop and guarantee the successful development of residential projects while respecting targets relating to deadlines and quality and incorporating IKO’s values!

Charlotte Hancart
Project Developer Junior Residential Concept and Design
Olivier Steintz
Senior Project Manager