All means of transport lead to Rout Lëns

On foot, by train, by bus, by bike, by car, by tram: you can get to Esch’s welcoming new neighbourhood by any means of transport!

It is ideally located

  • 15
    minutes on foot from Esch train station
  • 5
    minutes from Esch-Belval by train
  • 25
    minutes from Luxembourg by train
  • 22
    minutes from Luxembourg city by car
  • 45
    minutes from Metz by car
  • 16
    minutes on foot from the city hall

Rout Lëns by bike

From 2022, a number of cycle paths will be added to Esch-sur-Alzette’s existing network. Rout Lëns will then be accessible via the new national express cycle network “Vëloexpresswee”.

Thanks to this initiative, cyclists will be able to get straight to Luxembourg’s main station, to the Cloche d’Or/Ban de Gasperich or Helfenterbruck on the Luxembourg side. In the other direction, they can go to Esch station or even as far as Raemerich.

A new public transport network

The route of Luxembourg’s new high-speed tram network goes through Esch-sur-Alzette. The residents of Rout Lëns will be able to hop on in Esch-Belval and get to the centre of the capital in no time at all.

The new bus rapid transit line (BRT) will connect Micheville to Esch-sur-Alzette station. A Rout Lëns stop is planned.

Cars should be discreet

While cars are not a priority for the neighbourhood, they are of course part of the mobility solutions available. The project includes 5 large underground car parks to accommodate drivers.

The new cross-border road plan is designed to focus on the northern part of the town of Esch, thus protecting the centre of town from heavy traffic.

The neighbourhood also anticipates changes in needs and habits in terms of individual mobility. For example, electromobility and car sharing solutions are incorporated into the project.

A combination of transport solutions is encouraged, so leaving your car in a car park to get around the neighbourhood on foot or by bike will be a really easy option!

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