Shops and businesses in the new Rout Lëns neighbourhood

Located in an extension of the centre of Esch-sur-Alzette, Rout Lëns is keen to offer shops and businesses to complement what is already available.

While the neighbourhood is going to be primarily residential, it is important that the 3,000 new residents will be able to get what they need nearby. This fits in perfectly with the vision of a sustainable neighbourhood structured in a way that makes lives easier for its residents and workers.

9,814m² have been set aside for shops and services (6% of the building area). They will mainly be concentrated in the eastern part of the neighbourhood and will be part of the link with Esch’s main shopping street.

These shops and restaurants will liven up the ground floors of the Allée de la Culture Industrielle, as well as the area around the Portique. Close to the student accommodation, the retirement homes and the Halle des Turbines with its co-working and cultural spaces, they will enjoy a fantastic location enjoying the highest levels of footfall.

Rout Lëns will without a doubt be a sustainable, environmentally-friendly neighbourhood, so there are plans in place to encourage short supply chains.

One of IKO’s dreams is to set up a local market in the Magasin TT, right next to a micro-brewery. This would be supplied, among others, by the urban farm built on the French side of the site.

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